Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin to Design Cinderella Glass Slipper

Everyone remembers the magical scene in Disney’s vault of classical animated moments where the prince places the glass shoe on Cinderella’s feet. It was a moment that made most young girls wish they were Cinderella if even for just one day.

That magical glass shoe is now going to become a real item. World renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin has been given the honors of creating a pair of glass high heels. Disney hired the shoe savant to create the shoe and have it presented to the public just in time for the Blu-ray Diamond Edition of Cinderella.

The announcement of Louboutin’s involvement also happens to coincide perfectly with his 20th anniversary retrospective exhibition that is set to take place at the Design Museum of London in the beginning of May.

The design process will be made public and outline the various stages of development beginning from the initial sketches to the production in the factory.

There is no one better for the task of bringing the magical shoe to reality than Louboutin. His designer shoes have graced the feet of top female celebrities that include the likes of Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Mila Kunis and Penelope Cruz. His shoes are particularly known for its trademark red soles and unrivaled craftsmanship.

So far, it has been speculated that the vinyl shoes will come with plexi heels and decorated with diamonds as a way of promoting the release of the Diamond Edition of the movie.

Cinderella would be pleased – if she was real that is. Nevertheless, the release of the shoe along with the updated release of the Blu-ray signifies a strong move for both Disney and the fashion industry. Both will receive some very public and positive PR, especially once Louboutin releases the completed design of the glass heels.