Modern Nursery: Begin life in style

I just discovered wonderful website, geared at baby shopping. It’s called Modern Nursery, and it is operating off Grass Valley, California.

In their own words:

ModernNursery was founded by San Francisco executive/mom Trish Meyler who was looking for a new, less corporate career and a way to combine her internet background, her love of shopping, and her knowledge of clean functional modern design.

Modern Nursery

Trish has selected a wide variety of truly cute and stylish items, such as lovable plush toys and hi-tech strollers. As for me, browsing her website was a very enjoyable stroll.

One thought on “Modern Nursery: Begin life in style

  1. Love, love, love your ideas and links!! Most of these little gifts can be modified for the holidays too with the substitution of red and green for the ribbons and other trimmings.

    Thanks for sharing!

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