Michelle Duggar Believes that Overpopulation is a Myth

The Duggars are an interesting family to say the least. If you thought the Gosselins had their hands full with eight kids, that is nothing compared to the 19 kids Jim and Michelle Duggar are raising. With their hit series, “19 Kids and Counting”, which documents their life with their 19 biological children, the Duggars have been heavily chastised for what many perceive as their lack of concern for the overpopulation of the planet. This sentiment has only compounded when Michelle stated in an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network that the idea of overpopulation is a myth. She went on to argue that the entire Earth population – all seven billion – can fit within the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Duggar’s comments came just as about 3000 scientists gathered in London for a conference appropriately named “Planet under Pressure.” The meeting addressed global issues, such as how to preserve resources that are becoming dangerously scarce and how to distribute the resources when the population grows by another 2.3 billion by the year 2050. Of course, for Michelle, it’s all about being fruitful and multiplying. Never mind the widespread famine and lack of food and clean water in most third world countries where other people’s children are dying in record numbers.

While Jim and Michelle Duggar have been praised by conservatives and Christian organizations, they have been hounded by the media for a lack of regard of what their lifestyle is doing to the planet. Michelle has stated before that she will continue to have kids as long as it is God’s will. While having 19 kids and possibly a 20th on the way has outraged many, at least they are self-reliant and not relying on government handout, unlike the Octomom who recently applied for welfare for her 14 kids. Of course, that is an entirely different news and outrage.