Macrame Designs and Jewelry

Macrame is an intricate process of making textile through the use of knotting. It is an alternative to knitting or weaving. The style can be seen in the pattern of clothes, towels and other fabric-based accessories. Yarn is typically the thread of choice, though leather, hemp and cotton twine can be used as well.

Its origin has roots in Arab regions where the technique was used as far back as the 13th-century for the use of making veils, blankets and shawls. The art later found its way in Spain and quickly spread through European lands. It became a popular form of textile in England by the 17th century.

The art was also popular among sailors who would make all sorts of macramé crafts during their time in the seas and trade or sell them to merchants in foreign lands. This helped the craft to spread in the East where it became popular in China and other Asian regions.

Macrame craft making is also a popular pastime and can be learned and engaged by children as well. Once the basic knot formation is mastered, anyone can begin making all sorts of neat accessories and common household items.

Macrame art can also be seen in the craftsmanship of some forms of jewelry. They are especially common for constructing the wrist band of a bracelet. With the use of different colors of threads, all sorts of complex and beautiful patterns can be made. The designs that are possible are only limited by the imagination and creativity of the maker.

Macrame jewelry also extends to necklaces, anklets and earrings. Additional accessories can be added on for a more stylish look. Items like beads, gems and special cuts of stone can be included. Some jewelers will add charms, which are believed to bring about good fortune while protecting you from negative energy. The hamsa hand is an example of an item that is often included in the making of macramé jewelry.

Religious symbols are also commonly added to give it a spiritual significance. Those who give macramé jewelry as a gift can also add their own little trinkets to make it more personal and sentimental for the recipient.

Macrame craftsmanship brings a whole new perspective to jewelry and gives it a unique and refreshing look. It can be worn purely for fashion or as an item with a meaning that runs far deeper than superficial appearance.