Levi Johnston to Become a Father yet Again

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin were not prepared for parenthood when the latter gave birth to their son Tripp. The events of Bristol’s pregnancy occurred just as her mother, governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, was running as vice president alongside John McCain against the now Commander-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Bristol’s pregnancy brought to attention the epidemic of teenage pregnancy. At the same time, Levi Johnston was making headlines of his own. While Bristol was seen as the good girl, Johnston was viewed as a rebel and a bad boy. Shortly after the birth of Tripp, Bristol and Levi’s relationship dissolved. Bristol would go on to write a book and become a crusader for abstinence while Levi pursued work as a model.

It looks like Levi is about to become a father yet again. This time though, with his current girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby. According to sources, the pregnancy wasn’t planned, though both Johnston and Oglesby are excited to welcome a child.

Levi Johnston has become quite an infamous figure in the eyes of the public. After his split from Bristol, Levi and Sarah Palin began a war of words that grabbed the attention of the media. The attention brought Johnston to overnight fame, though not the good kind of fame. In 2010, he was voted as the most unpopular person in his home state. His notoriety appears to be well deserved considering how sharp he was with his tongue when making remarks about the grandmother of his child.

Levi Johnston has created a reputation for himself as the guy that everyone loves to hate. Whatever your opinion of him may be, he does appear to be a genuinely caring father. He has lamented many times over how Bristol refuses to give him more father time with Tripp. With child number two along the way for Levi, he may hopefully play a greater role as a father this time around.