Kate Walsh Takes It Off for Photo Shoot

The private practice star celebrates middle age in a very sexy way; she approached “shape” magazine and offered a nude cover. Reps from the magazine took on the task without hesitation and put the smoldering 44 year old on the cover of the March issue.

When asked about her decision, Walsh declared she is enjoying her fifth decade and wants to share it with the world: “I drive a Porsche, so this could be my mid life crises”.
What is it in getting over the 40’s hedge that makes us, women, go bananas?

We nip, tuck, fill, stretch, sweat, blast, strip and mostly stress. It is as if we are wired to decrease our tolerance for our bodies as we grow old(er). Aren’t we supposed to be more mature, wise, patient and all those good commodities people say we don’t have in our 20’s?

The glorious 20’s, those magical years women over forty reminisce over and long for. Ah to be perky and fresh! Well, as the 20 something representative I can honestly say I’m too busy dreading dates with emotionally unavailable guys, not making money and being too self conscious about, well, everything, to celebrating my perkiness.

Is there a fraction of a second in which a woman is satisfied, relaxed and fulfilled in her own skin? I hope Miss Walsh got to have that fraction of a second while trying to prove to the world she is still worthy of its illusive approval.

So, what do I (26 and neurotic) have to look forward to as I grow old(er)?
I’m probably too young to understand.