Jessica Simpson Names Her Soon-to-be Baby Daughter

Jessica Simpson’s little bundle of joy is expected to arrive at any moment. The 31-year-old pop sensation and her beau, Eric Johnson, are expecting their first child together. According to Jessica’s reps, she is ecstatic and can’t wait to become a first-time mother. It has already been confirmed that the child is going to be a girl and will be given the name “Maxwell,” named after Johnson’s grandmother.

It was initially speculated that Simpson was having twins due to the large girth of her belly. Simpson, however, shot down those rumors, explaining that her massive baby bump is due to amniotic fluid build-up in her belly.

Simpson admitted that she has not held herself back and has indulged on all her favorite foods. She has allowed herself to gorge on all her cravings, which sources say included generous helpings of brownies and cheesecake.

Simpson’s pregnancy has put her on top of major headlines in celebrity news and gossip magazines. A recent appearance on the cover of Elle magazine shows a nude Jessica showing off her protruding belly. At 31, Simpson has had a successful career both as a pop idol and sex icon. However, throughout her career, Jessica has not always been depicted in a positive light. During her highly publicized marriage to then husband Nick Lachey, Simpson was often portrayed as the stereotypical dumb blonde. This stemmed from her reality show, “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica,” in which she made her infamous remark about whether tuna was made from fish or chicken.

Jessica has come a long way since her days as being depicted as a ditzy blonde. By becoming a mother, the media will probably see a more mature side of her. Within the next few weeks, expect to see celebrity magazines with Jessica on the front cover, and she won’t be alone. In her arms will be her beautiful baby girl.