Japan Introduces a New Line of Hip Apparel during Fashion Week

Tokyo, Japan, has always gone to the extreme end when it came to their fashion shows. The autumn fashion show was preceded by a show in October. A show scheduled for last spring was cancelled due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami. However, the shows are back in full force.

The runway show featured styles that reflected an urban design in an effort to draw attention to the country’s youth and to international markets.

An audience of 15,000 came for the show, which happened to coincide with a national holiday smack in the middle of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Some of the garbs that really stood out included gothic style wardrobes as well as outfits that looked as if it came straight out of an anime.

While appealing to the youth, the show still managed to remain true to its heritage by including traditional kimonos in the event. However, the kimonos presented were given a modern twist. The fabric featured horizontal lines and polka dot designs.

Some of the outfits also included an environmental theme, which was a response for a need to preserve the environment in the wake of the earthquake and ongoing nuclear crisis. Other outfits included leather vests and skin-tight mini dresses.

Some of the models were clad completely in black and walked down the aisle under green lighting, which gave the illusion of being under a forest canopy. The show concluded with a bird cage that morphs into an angel that fades into the distance. The image was metaphorical and symbolizes rebirth. It was a message of continuing on with life while never letting go the memories of those who perished in the disaster that fell upon the country last year. With the disaster comes the process of rebuilding and moving towards a new beginning.