Fashion Guru Issey Miyake Wins Design Show

Renowned Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has long received praise for his elaborate and unorthodox designs. His unparalleled knack for fashion creativity has paid off once again as he received the fashion award from the Design Museum of London.

Miyake along with his development team, the Reality Lab, achieved a great milestone by beating out Sarah Burton and her Alexander McQueen wedding gown. Also competing for the award was Phoebe Philo and her Celine autumn 2011 collection.

The museum also hosted and handed awards to the top digital, furniture and architect designers. For Miyake, what won him the award as the top fashion designer were his outfits, which displayed various modalities of modernity. Some of his designs featured clothes that fold flat and open with 3D dimensions, which is inspired by origami art that is popular in Japanese culture.

On top of that, the outfits were also made with the environment in mind. The dresses were made from polyester that was obtained from recycled plastic bottles. Apparel made from sustainable materials is a big trend at the moment. Notable fashion labels, such as Armani and Paul Smith have adopted green fashion as a part of their latest line of apparel.

Miyake began his fashion escapade back in 1988 and quickly became popular for his geometrically calculated designs, which consisted of prisms of unfolding shapes. His style always had a futuristic look to it that appealed to the masses. He would go on to become a household name in hubs throughout the fashion community.

Miyake’s victory, of course, should not take anything away from the runner ups. Sarah Burton’s wedding dress was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and became one of the most sought after gowns. Phoebe Philo’s Celine collection has a loyal fan base of women across Europe and Asia. Her fans, in fact, have come to be known as “Philophiles.”