Britney Spears Seeks to Appoint Fiancé Jason Trawick as Co-Conservator

After years of erratic and self-destructive behavior, pop princess Britney Spears has seemingly gotten her life and career back on track. Not only is her career in full swing, but she has also found love again after splitting from Kevin Federline back in 2006. Spears is currently engaged to Jason Trawick, who also works as her agent.

Spears appeared in court and requested that the judge appoint Trawick as her co-conservator, which will give him the authority to make decisions regarding her affairs along with her father. The request was filed by Spears’ attorney Samuel Ingham III. If granted, Trawick will be given the right to make decisions regarding the pop diva’s personal decisions and medical care. Spears’ father, Jamie, and an attorney will retain full control of her finance.

Spears and Trawick have reportedly been dating since 2009 and announced their engagement back in December. No wedding date has been given yet.

Jamie Spears was appointed as his daughter’s conservator after a string of questionable behavior that led to a very public meltdown in 2008. According to sources, Spears is not pleased about having to have a conservator, whether it is her father or soon-to-be-husband. She is fed up about not being able to have the final say in her own decisions. However, her doctors do not feel that she is ready yet to have the conservatorship lifted.

According to insider accounts, Spears is okay being under a conservator when it comes to her business and career. Her main concern is to get the conservatorship lifted, so she can have legal joint custody of her two sons with ex Kevin Federline. While K-Fed has agreed to a joint custody, he still legally has full custody rights and can revoke the joint custody agreement at any time.

Spears has not made as much headlines in the past two years, which for her is a good thing. This means she has stayed out of trouble and is doing what she needs to do to get her life back together. Hopefully, she can keep up her good behavior, so she can return to the Britney that the world fell in love with.