Adidas Launches the White Space Project

In an effort to reach out to female consumers, Adidas is launching a new marketing campaign on a global scale. The apparel company is releasing the White Space Project, a platform for women to express and share their own creative flare.

To maximize its visibility, Adidas recruited eyewear designers Coco and Breezy along with Malaysian singer Yuna Zarai. The three will be participating at a music and fashion event set for April 24th at the Adidas Original store located in New York.

The White Space Project will span across continents with major cities, such as Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Milan all taking part. The project will feature a white, blank canvas in which shoppers can use to express themselves in whatever way they please. Participants will also be given free shirts along with crystals and other small ornaments to be used to decorate the shirts. Photo booths will be available for consumers to share their creations through social networking sites. The most impressive designs will be posted on Adidas’ official website.

Other brands are now following suit with global-scale projects of their own. Body Shop, a beauty and skin care company, is launching the Beauty with Hearts Movement. The campaign will also span across several countries and feature free makeovers for women and inspirational bulletin boards.

While the White Space Project is clearly a stunt to increase sales, it is also a nice move on Adidas’ part to encourage women to express their inner creativity. It is an opportunity for them to express their own definition of beauty, even if it does not conform to what the media or others may define as beautiful. The message here is not to let celebrities or models define for you what fashion is. The trendiest style for you is whatever you decide for yourself.